debating over if i should to get a yellow tang or not...


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i have a 70 gallon now
set up since jan 1st (i will always remeber that as i started the tank move 7pm dec31 and finished at 3am jan 1)

its 4 feet long

has a CB angel (full grown...i think)
falco hawk (full grown)
perc clown (small)
blue damsel (very small)
bicolor blenny (full grown)

so first off do i have room for a yellow tang?

my second concern is will a tang just eat ALL my macro. i have that "cactus" looking calcium based algae that i heard nearly nothing eats, but i have red grape macro and this rubbery stuff i call deadmans fingers as well as chaetomorpha. i kinda like having macro in my tank and thus i am debating over getting a tang.
so will getting one mean i can never have macro or will one just browse on it from time to time and not devour it.

is there anything else i need to consider
i do know that if i get one it needs to be big to handle being bullied by my hawkfish and angel for the first week untill they get over being territorial about him...
and i will re-do my rock work the day before to help break up their territories


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Yes a tang will MOW down just about ANY marco.
My yellow tang even eats the Halimedia (Cactus Calcium based algae)

I put rocks in from my nano that have calerpua on them just so she will mow them down. I can't kill the calerupa in the nanos and it's too tiny to get ALL of it off so it goes in with the tang for a few days, and the rock pops out of the tank with the tang perfectly CLEANED.

If you enjoy your marco (I don't (Except for the halimedia)) DON'T get a tang..


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All of the algae you have will probably get eaten. The only algae i've been able to keep with my yellow tang is coduim. Other than that you should be fine until the tang grows up at which point you'll need a larger tank. You'll also need lots of swimming room for the tang, so an open rock structure is a necessity. Good luck.


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that is also a tang that i want in my tank. only thing is i've only got a 35 or so gallon and i can't find a small one. The ones i've seen at the LFS are big already. Good choice of tangs and if you get one... let me know where you decide to go.


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I have a large YT in my 180. It's a fish that I really wish that I'd never added. He's extremely territorial and has killed several fish that I've added since. That sort of behavior would only be exaggerated in a 4ft tank. They're pretty to look at but they can be a real pain.


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maxdout, so what are you going to do with that "small" tang once it outgrows your 35G (which will be alot quicker than you think)?

That's not nearly enough space, and you really should consider the fish's potential size when making your purchase. Buying what fits now, without considering its future needs is, in IMO, somewhat irresponsible.


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I have a yellow tang in my 150 (in addition to the one I am giving away). It is adult size but very territorial to other tangs. I would not say it is outright mean, just likes to ensure the other tangs know who's boss.

Like Steve iterated, they constantly graze on any form of vegetation and will eat just about any algae - most tangs do. I personally keep it for that reason. ;)


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You should look into a kole tang as they are much better on cleaning up algea plus the fact they are less aggressive and territorial than compare to the yellow. I took out my yellow because he wouldn't stop harassing the anthias or any other fish.


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i had no idea they were an agressive fish, i thought they were a pretty mellow/skittish fish (but maybe i think that just cause the one in finding nemo is like that...)

i think i will stay away from getting a yellow tang. my CB angel is aggresive enough for me as it keeps chasing the blue damsel from time to time (never hurts it though, i have never seen so much as a nipped fin) and my clown has begun attacking my hand when i'm near its shroom cluster.


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The whole Zabramosa family is pretty territorial. They are fine if they are the only tang, but my yellow tang stressed out a PB tang so much it died/


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I finally got rid of my yellow.
He was very territorial and his attacks were brutal.
I replaced him with a powder brown and a naso. They get along ok so far.

I did see a post a while back where someone purchased a yellow from a lfs. It turned out to be very aggressive also. The lfs exchanged it for another one, and that one turned out to be peaceful. Hit or miss on which personality you will get.