Debating..what would you suggest?


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Hey guys, I've been planning alot lately on the build of my 37g tank. I'm trying to write down everything I need and the prices for it, so when I start working ( hopefully getting this job! ) I can start saving some money towards that as well as gas and some in bank. Now I was planning on putting in a sump/fuge for the filtration. But I was thinking, alot of people I see are using UV sterlizers and they keep there tank so clean and sparlky looking! and I was like wow I would love my tank to stay like that, espically since summer its gonna be a little hard keeping up with the tank cause I work at my dads store then and am there for 40+ hrs and planning on taking some night courses. And whatever will be easier for me then is something I'm considering.

But then again I do want w.e will be the best and the best buy in the buck. So what do you guys think? Sterilzer? or sump/fuge?

If I do the UV I will probably just have a sump no fuge.

Thanks you for looking/responding



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With a new setup i would get the best light i could a few good powerheads a HOB bio filter all the LR and LS needed the let it cycle.You can go months wothout a sump , UV and other goodies.But need RO/DI water and test kit


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Start with the essentials: tank, heater, test kits, powerheads, protein skimmer, live rock, lights, good source water (RO/DI filter) etc.

In my opinion, a UV is not what you need if you foresee having difficulty with maintenance due to your schedule.


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I would skip the UV...waste of money IMO.

If your worried about being able to keep up with maintenance, I would say that your money is best spent on as big of a sump/ refuge as you can fit, and put money into a good quality, big skimmer.


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Ok so it looks like so far everyone says no to the UV idea. I wish I could get it up and running now, but do to some money issues its hard. But I will be working hopefully soon and will be able to start making some purchases. I will need to get heater(s) ( planning on 2 but don't know whats the best ) I have 1 6025 powerhead right now looking at another 6025 or 6055, I have a skimmer I'll tell you the brand tomarrow, have that tank/stand, need lights, have some test kits ( salifert ) and still need others


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Oh yea don't worry I'm not trying to run into this, did it before to my 40g tank and it turned out horribly ( now that tank is housing 2 RES turtles )

Thats why I'm trying to plan everything out. I want the right equipment for this. I'm taking my time with it cause I know that in the long run, being able to sit and watch my beautiful tank without any problems later on when I have everything is worth the time that I have to wait and prepare..thats my philosphy atleast..