Decisions, Decisions...... What would YOU do ????


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Well, I have my new tank up on its stand and it should be ready to go this weekend if the glass shop calls with the sump baffles... I was originally planning on just taking all the rock I have left in my 180 and putting it into the new tank, but am now seriously thinking about starting again with dry rock.....

Right now the rock has got some good color, but there are two things I know are a pain, and one thing that I dont know what it is, and a few zoa colonies that I put in early on but dont really like the color of anymore.....

I have aiptasia in a few spots (dont know HOW it still snuck into the tank since I started with dry rock and QT'ed everything before it went in), I have pink with green polyp poccillopora ALL over the rock since it spawned (or whatever it does) and now theres frags of it all over the place, and now Im seeing like a neon green looking thing with a white base on it sprouting up in a few spots. I have no clue what it is, and this is the only picture Ive found of it on the internet:


Its the stuff on the right side of this picture....

So now my options are start over with new dry rock and then transfer over the corals I definitely want in my tank, or bring over the old rock, try to break off as much of the pocci as possible, get a CBB for the aiptasia, and hope this green stuff wont take over the tank.....

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions ???

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I had that same stuff on my rocks. Could never get it to completly go away. A was told a couple things about it. 1. if you have that stuff growing it means your water is very good. ( i dont know about that) and 2 that it is a calcuim based algae. The only way I got it to go away (almost) is religious water changes, and pluck as much of it off as you can. It spreads like a weed. If I were you you I wouldnt put any rock that has that stuff in your new tank.


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i will never put live rock in a new tank ever again. bleach em, cure em and let it re-cycle.
You'll likeley encounter pests, algeas, and stuff doen the line but it'll take longer and if you notice something you could remove the rock immediately. This will be my plan going forwad, if I see something in my tank I don't like, the rock comes out and is killed. I am sick of these things spreading within my tank.
Are you going to run a UV? Thats another preventetive measure I am going to take, that way you kill waterborn algeas and make it tougher for the to spead.


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No UV, and this was originally dry rock to begin with.... Thats the most frustrating part.

I have always started my tanks with MarcoRock so I can avoid any pests, but somehow this stuff still managed to get into my tank even though I QT'ed everything. I really like how the aquascaping ended up so I was just going to transfer it over, but am now thinking about starting new again.

Then the problem is having that new rock look for atleast a year before it starts looking how the current rock does.... :mad2:


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give me the rock for a few weeks and I will let my butterfly grazed on aiptasias,it will be his christmas gift for the holidays. I should not say few weeks,give me 3 days tops,they will be all gone,then I will give you back your rock. How big is the rock?

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Have you considered keeping the rock in 100% darkness for a while to kill the algaes and Poccilopora, and following it up with a CBB for the Aiptasia?


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There is nothing stopping the aiptasia and the green tubes from growing on the new dry rock either. I'm going to bet there is no way to get your entire collection of coral into the new tank, or stocking your tank with new coral, without introducing aiptasia. But since your going through a tear down and reset, you can take the opportunity to kill as much of it as possible. Even if you put the rock into a tank with a copperband, it will eat 90% of the aiptasia, but as soon as you put it in a tank without a copperband one or two that were hiding in a crevice on the rock will reappear and start to multiply. You could, however, put a copperband in the new tank, or maybe an army of peppermint srimp... Aiptasia is just part of having a reef tank IMO.


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Well I hadn't until you brought it up. HAHAHAHA

That might be another option as well. I wonder if I broke off the pocci from the rocks if I should be okay. Im just worried that knowing my luck I would leave on little piece of tissue in a crevice somewhere and it would come back yet again. :lol:

Anyone else have anymore info on the green calium based algae ??? I keep searching for it but cant find anything.....


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I have the green tubes too. It grows slowly and doesn't seem to smother coral next to it, so I don't worry about it. If you manually remove them every few months they won't be a problem.


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dry rock. then seed with a piece of GOOD live rock.

I was too paranoid about hitchhikers, and junk.

you spent too much time getting that setup together just to have things go wrong.


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Found out what they are.... neomeris annulata

Theres a pic on Melevs site....

I definitely dont want it getting that crazy..... Maybe its time to think dry rock ???

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thats exactly what mine looked like. Looked ok as a small cluster, but when it started spreading like a weed, it wasnt atractive any more.


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Calcium level must be over 450. Double-check with a different kit (I already know you must test). Drop the calcium under 420 and that stuff will go away on its own. I had it. Got it from the guy in Steger who had that frag grab bag a few years back -- can't remember his name. He had it all over the place (and he kept his calcium around 470 IIRC).