Dedicating my build to my late Father - DIY shallow tank build


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I've been really wanting to get into Saltwater aquariums for a long time now but have had a lot of things that prevented me from doing that. I Lost my dad to cancer who was my best friend in 2020 and it really broke me - He and I did everything together and this is really the first time I'v talked about it other then to my direct family. I feel like I'm ready to start my build and kinda want to dedicate this build to him. I'm honestly not sure what I'm doing and decided to start a youtube channel for the tank itself. I don't have any of the supplies yet other then the tank and I built a stand that I'll detail later. I been lurking and just joined and this is my first post!

That's really it as I've been putting this off for the last 6 months and honestly getting choked up just writing this all - thanks for any reading of this and this post kinda helps me keep going and to help post things and work toward a goal - slow as it may be

Plans thus far:
The plan is for a 35" x 19" x 13"
kessil lighting
canister filer
macroalga / mantis tank


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I'm going to give the Oase a shot myself and use glass Lilly pipes for in/out in order to lower the profile distraction.
I really like I can put the heater into the canister, the less I show in the DT the better.
PS, I know its a little too late now.
This guy shows how to build your own aquarium via the injection method.
Stronger and cleaner seal from what I understand.
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