definition of a really good roomie/spouse/s.o.


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I came back from a week long emergency trip to find: a pristine, newly scraped tank, crystal water, revamp on my ro/di filter, and a total redo on the skimmer/sump plumbing, new fuge cheato, and a new fish of a species I'd wanted.

What more can you ask?


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Did I mention that this was after a one hour lesson on tank maintenance and chemistry (though just a review course,with careful note-taking and a walk through). No skimmer manual? Look it up on line! Did I mention that? DId I mention the main pump jammed and the plumbing rebuild was at 2 am, while vinegar-soaking the pump?
Oh, no, this one doesn't escape! ;)


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What a deal! No way would mine do that; however she always tells me when there are leaks.


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Wow- that is awesome! It makes me smile to think of the time I walked in and my boyfriend minimized his search window- the dude was researching substrates..... He's a keeper!