Deformity... This is for the Hardcore SPS keepers! *Pics included Ofcource*


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Hey fellow SPS addicts,

I present to you this:


I have been noticing these deformed growths on this acro for over 3 years now. I can best describe them as wierd cacerous like bubble like deformed growth.

I have not noticed on any of my other Acros in the same system. However I have spoken to a few people who have noticed similar growths on their acros but as myself have no clue what it could be.

In the past I have just cut off the growth due to the fear of the unknown. But I have been leaving them and have not seen much happening.
The coral is in excellent health but it seems to have these deformed cacerous like growths on a couple tips.





Have any of you seen this before? Any thoughts? Searches online have been un-rewarding... I am in the dark on this.

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That is odd. I've never seen anything like that. Hopefully someone will jump in that has some information.


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Are those formations on the upper areas of the coral, or do you see them happening on lower branches as well?

Jeremy Blaze

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I had an acro that was real close to the top of the tank, just under a 400watt mh, and it did the same thing on the tips. Not sure if I have pics, but will look.

I thought maybe it wad something to do with getting so much light.


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If you scrap off the tips, do you discover that it isn't a calcium skeleton below? but rather it seems like some sort of detritus or dirt?? I notice such deformity happens alot in the purple heokseimai... especially when there are worms growing on the coral's skeleton itself, boring itself on the skeleton of the coral... :(


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i had that happen to an acro i had and there was an article in a back issue of reefkeeping that describes it and shows how the skeleton gets deformed. It did not give any concrete indication as to the reason why or how to control it (that I can remember).
I simply cut the afected area and superglued the exposed area to prevent any infection from spreading. Luckily it has not happened again.