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So after a very successful overly stocked 40g with an skimmer rated for 150g....and then a 72g bowfront set up with all the goodies(apex ect) that was successful for about 6mo then breakdown....cycle....two weeks later dino again....sell it all wth!

Now Im back. this time a 125g double return setup without the apex and all the bling. Just a simple acylic 45g sump, skimmer rated for 100g and some meh LED setups. I hope to have this in the house in the next week or so. Been repairing the stand bottom (got setup second hand for dirt) and adding some reactors and the like. Doubt I have enough light for sps but time shall tell. going to run macro+skimmer for the bioload and see how it goes. If I can make a single acro grow I'll be happy. I want a clam so bad but I know Im too far out for that on the sand bed so far away from the leds. Anyways wish me luck. Not my first rodeo but times have changed in the last 12 years so Im a noobie once again.

PS. when did reef stuff triple in price???WTH!


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Welcome back. At least you know the frustrations you'll see ahead of time. That has to count for something! :lol: