Dekald area?


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Hello, I am from se ohio. Getting ready to travel up that way and pick up a tank from a friend, but need a little help in loading it. Its a oceanic 180, so I am guessing it is around 380 lbs give or take.


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I am in the Dekalb area and may be able to help out. Let me know when and where and I will let you know




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date and time I am always looking for a reason to go to RODS

:lol: Yep...if you drive to DeKalb from Ohio and do not stop at Rod's Reef, it's essentially a crime.


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Well, my neighbor told me about stopping at Rods. So I will have to do that. I plan on stopping by Premium in Indi on the way back as well. As soon as I get a date and time. I will let you know. Thanks for the offers guys.