Deltec AP902 and some other stuff for sale - St. Louis, MO - out of the hobby

Deltec AP902 and some other stuff for sale - St. Louis, MO - out of the hobby

I have a Deltec AP902 with a self-cleaning head for sale. It is less than 4 years old and was in use for less than 2 years and has been sitting in my basement, unused, untouched for the past 2 years. It is in excellent shape and ready to be sold. I have been out of the hobby for 2 years now. It comes with a solenoid shut-off valve for the fresh water flush, and the intermittant timer to turn on the self-cleaning head up to 6 times per 24 hour period (these two items, solenoid/intermittant timer cost over $200 new and both are in like new condition). Also included is a Sander 100mg O3/hr ozonizer and a Dolphin deluxe air pump for the ozonizer. This WILL be sold as a package set-up. I will NOT break it up, so please do not ask. This is a top of the line skimmer set-up. Just take a look at the skimmate it pulled out while it was in use on my system. It was some of the most foul looking/smelling gunk imagineable!
I paid well over $3100 for the skimmer and the self-cleaning head alone. I am selling the entire set-up for $2200.00 (skimmer/self-cleaning head/intermittant timer/ozonizer/air pump/solenoid valve). I want to sell locally (St. Louis, Missouri), but will consider shipping (buyer pays all shipping/insurance charges) but please be aware this is a BIG/HEAVY skimmer, so shipping it will not be cheap. My price is firm. I will not break up the system and I will not drop my price, so again, please do not ask. Replies/PM's asking me to do so will be ignored/deleted. I know what I have in this skimmer set-up. Ill keep it for possible future use before I give it away.

I also have an Iwaki 70RLT pump (1400gph I believe??), excellent condition, $125.00 and a Hamilton 250 watt HQI (double ended) pendant light with remote ballast $90 (no bulb) and a 6ft Hamilton light strip with 3 - 175 watt 10000K MH bulbs and 2 - 6ft VHO actinics (the sockets of the VHO's are dry-rotted/cracked and I purchased new, waterproof end caps for it, but never installed them) , remote ballast, quick-disconnect cord. This is an enclosed fixture with cooling fans on each side. $450.00. I also have a diatom filter and a pretty large container of diatomaceous earth (half full) $50.

I also have some show-quality Kaelini rock (you can see in some of the pics), very nice and very large pieces. $4 per pound. The rock is dry and I had it posted on here a while back for $4 per pound and some people sent me some pretty nasty private messages saying it was priced way too high. My price for these pieces is $4 per pound, like it or not, take it or leave it. Like I said, the rock is dry. If you prefer, I can soak it in water for a couple weeks and Ill sell it for $3/pound soaking wet (much heavier)....take your pick.

Thanks for looking. If anyone is interested in anything I have for sale, call Ken at 314-704-2531.

I also have a TON of assorted "aquarium stuff".....filter pads, filter socks, etc., and a ton of plumbing parts, fittings, etc. Come have a look and make offer.

I tried to post pics and it wont let me (wrong file type) and I dont know how to convert them so you'll have to take my word for it....I do have this skimmer.
I also have a Corraline calcium reactor with CO2 tank/regulator and all water/air pumps to run it. Not sure what model # it is but it is approximately 3ft tall and 6inches around......$150.

Troy-Bilt portable generator, 3550 watts, 5250 starting watts, used once for 3 days, like new condition, $400.00
I replied back. I am trying to sell everything locally first. I may ship the skimmer because it is such an expensive item, but Im sure I wont have a problem selling everything else locally. Thanks.
I am reducing the price of the skimmer to $1900.00 for the entire set-up and willing to ship if buyer pays shipping/insurance charges.

Also, I am wanting to get rid of this generator.......$375.00 obo. Pick up or local delivery (25 miles please)