Dendronephthya runner - add other runners pictures


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I find this unusual, but can be the common occurrence - post your pictures too, for this or the other corals.
I bought Dendronephthya hemprichi already with this runner. The main coral is dead, runner - alive:
Oct 13, top of another rock:

Oct 20 - the bottom of the runner's rock:

Nov 1, polyps are seen:

Nov 13, polyps are open:

Nov 20, polyps open:

Nov 23, side view:

Quite resilient, here the runner is almost dead after tank crash and, much later, hours of air exposure (leak from the tank):
Dec 16:

Recovery, Feb 13, 07:


Post your experience, please.
I have also Diodogorgia non-photosynthetic gorgonian, spreading onto the rock, but not the long runner, more in encrusting manner.


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You have to be kidding....Thats the hardiest dendronep ever. You could sell the frags for bukoo bucks!



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Thanks, this happens, when one starts to use point-and-shoot digital camera instead of magnification glass :D

Update: I was pointed out, that judging from the shape of polyps, they likely to be chili corals, not dendros, just happened to be on the same rock. I compared to the chili's polyp structure - not likely, maybe red finger gorgonian or something like that.


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Nope, almost disappeared, but a couple of polyps still alive.

My tanks are not safe environment:
The small corals are constantly dropped down into the rockwork:
- by cleanup crew (only recently there is none), and
- during cleaning debris from under the rock, removing aiptasia and the bryopsis forest,

But it survived:
- the tank crash, that killed all sea stars, sea cucumbers, sps, most of the snails and fish,
- moving from tank to tank (trying to make th better accommodations and downsize),
- long term dinoflagellates fight, red cyano and acoel worms, what is taken badly by many other inhabitants. All this time (months) tank was unfed,
- rapid tissue necrosis of the Indo-Pacific gorgonians, bacterial or fungal - still don't know,
- Melafix/Pimafix treatment, and elevated Mg for bryopsis,
- was totally covered by bryopsis, pinched off on a regular basis. I lost orange and red sea squirts this way.

Doing my best, but it still not good enough for some organisms. :rolleye1:

Feeding - anything of saltwater animal origin, that fit the mouth: small particles from washing frozen food for a fish, dried Cyclop-eeze (too big for these polyps), ZoPlan, recently frozen rotifers, cyclops and baby brine. Multiple daily feedings.

Not using, don't see the effect: ZooPlex - too big, ChromaPlex and MicroVert - phytoplanton. BTW, a have a healthy greenery, growing on the glass under sunlight. And OSI Micro-Food (or something like that), triangular bottle.

Homemade coral food, coral food recipe by Blundell and Melev, is fouls water too much - my small tanks are mostly unskimmed, and very narrow range of particles is used by non-photosynthetic corals, and what was left - should be removed, what is not possible.

Sincerely hoping, that Golden Pearls people become interested in selling to Canada, no answer so far.
Oyster eggs and Fauna Marin are available, but are out of my means.