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We have this fairly large Derasa that likes to place itself against the LR. We move it and it works its way back. Haven't moved it recently because it looks happy. Today it was moved over slightly and I noticed that its mantle looked pale, but only the edge that was against the rock. Any concerns?
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The angle would be tough. The clam looks great, but was against some palys.
I'll watch it. The mantle is fully extended, but the lower edge in question is not as full.


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Mine keeps moving against the glass. I move it and it goes back to where it was. It will rotate 90 degrees in a day or two.


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the mantle was appearing pale where it was touching the palys?

my derasa is sitting with its mantle touching the rocks as well, for some reason that's where he wants to be, but his mantle doesn't appear noticeably pale in that spot.