Deresa/Squamosa in a 7 gal. bow?

Pimpn' Pepe

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I need some opinions or fact that if it is possible to keep and maintain a healthy Deresa or Squamosa clam in a 7 gal. bowfront. I disagree with several of the opinions concerning pc lighting and the health of clams. I have grown a squamosa from 1" to over 4" in a 20 gal. high with only 110 watts of pc lighting. My main concern is not the lighting factor but if the tank itself will remain stable enough to support the clam - i.e. salinity, PH and temp. swings in such a small space of water.
I ofcourse would feed the "tank" DT's phytoplankton (which I do already) and maintain the calcium and ph levels that I have already established with Kent A & B supplements on a daily basis. I currently have a 32-watt pc retrofit kit on the tank which comes out to be about 4.5 watts per gallon. If you think this is possible let me know which of the two types of clams would be most durable and likely to live. I dont want to "waste" a clam by placing it in my tank and having it die. Thanks in advance.:D
I would pass on a clam in such a small system. It will be very tough to keep all parameters from swinging wildly.

Feeding dt's in such a small space seems tgo be a recipe for a huge algae bloom. I cannot think of a good outcome.

Lighting is not really the issue, but Squamosa's, Deras's grow so quickly they would be to big in a hurry, if they can be kept alive. Hippopus grow slower, and light requirments are minimal, but once again stability would be the problem.

Best of luck, Rob