Destructive hippo tang


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I have a 6" hippo tang that has taken it on itself to break off and move some of my 2-3" frags which have already attached to rock. He then moves them around on the sandbed. It has also recently tore apart a nice sized CB shrimp and ate every single bit of it. I have made no changes with the environment and the tank is extremely well fed. Ive had it for about 2 years and this has just started. Tankmates are 2 3" yellow tangs, 4" purple tang, 3 clowns. Other then offer it for trade in my local club, is there something I can do or add?


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I had one like that. For no reason it seemed that he realized that he was the biggest fish in the tank and started bullying everyone. Wouldn't let anyone else eat. I took him to my lfs and got some credit towards a blonde naso.


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That also happened to my then 6" or 7" blue hippo when I moved it to a 180g DT. That changed when I got an emperor who policed the tank.


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Hippos are so freaking weird. They're either frantic, neurotic wimps or brutish tyrants. I would try finding a new, larger home for him if his behavior doesn't subside. Good luck