DI and sediment filtration only...


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Hello guys, does anyone have info on running a simple filtration system built on a 1 micron, 1 micron solid carbon and 2 DI cartridges water filtration system? I would like to see if it would be possible and see how often I would have to recharge my DI.

The TDS in from my source water is between 80 and 120 last time I looked.

Does anyone have one setup and how well does it work?

Buckeye Hydro

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This is a system that is easy to put together. However, the issue you will have is that the high (80 to 120 ppm ) tds water you'll be delivering to the DI will result in relatively rapid exhaustion of the DI resin.



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if I would be using 2 x 10" housing how much wate in gallon do you think I could run before having to replace the resin?