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Over the week of Christmas I lost my last clam. It died like the others. One day a perfectly healthy clam pinches a portion of its mantle a little. The next day its mantle is almost completely tucked in the shell (somewhat recessed). By morning it is dead or close to dead. That is 5 clams I have lost the same way. Seems like they do great for about a month or two and then without fail this happens. LIKE CLOCKWORK!

So whats going on?? Does anyone else have this? I am starting to think there is some sort of predator in the tank.

BTW: All my clams lived on the sandbed.


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Recently a number of people have been experiencing this...
Check out threads that say "pinched mantles".


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I was told by Minh that this was NOT the same disease. He sited the quick rate of deterioration as the differentiator.


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Diagnosis could be difficult. By the time a clam looks like it has a problem, it's usually too late. Could be many things affecting your clam(s). Your clam *may* have been weakened via shipping stress, or at the LFS due to improper conditions prior to purchase....nocturnal predators, a lack of proper food, water quality issues, just to name a few.