Diamond Goby


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I just put one of these in my tank. They are AWESOME!!!! I enjoy watching it more than anything else.

The goby sifts thru the sand and stirs up the stuff on the bottom. I know my tank is fairly new but will this susupended debris ever die down?

On the subject of the sand bed, over time does the small particles of sand work its way to the bottom or does the larger, heaver pieces make it to the bottom?

Thanks for any replies.


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Mine stirred debris never died down, had my Diamond for a couple months. Then one day he was gone. Not sure if he finally knocked a large rock down on himself or if he jumped.

He also was making rocks shift and knocking down corals. Overall he was a fun guy to watch though. Super easy to care for and hungry as the dickens all the time, loved krill and pellets.

Dave Cox

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Had one for a few months and as you say, great fun to watch - forever beavering away shifting sand all over the shop. Then, just with hatebreed above, he disappeared. Not sure whether he was squished under a rock or what, but the body was never found.

I have since been told that, like mandarins, they are difficult to keep for long periods because of nurtient issues... The average sandbed doesn't provide enough...


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I have one in my tank and for a reason he decided to go down the drain over my sump. Since he was always hiding I decided to leave him there.

Now he's cleaning the sump as I have sand and live rock in there.