Diatom Outbreak to Brown Hair Algae?


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Seems what I thought was diatoms, seems to be getting hairy looking and brown on LR and sand, I know my tank is still cycling, is the brown hair algae part of the cycle as well? Let me know I can should do anything differently,


Blown 346

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Yes it is part of the cycle, first the diatoms, then the hair algae, then cyano.
You could lower the lighting times on the tank by a few hours a day to help.


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Yeah it is a part of it! It is just a part of it... Dittos with Blown 346, decrease your lighting do that it doesnt promote more growth then you already have...


Team RC
Diatoms are a normal part of the tank cycling. You might be experiencing a bit of hair algae which is typically green, but might look different under your lighting. Both are part of the cycling process. I would just let your tank do it's thing and it will pass on its own. Can you get a pic of the algae? Typically brown stringy algae along with bubbles is dinoflagellates. This isn't an algae typically seen during cycling.


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