Diatoms on my live rock?


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I changed 6 of the 8 bulbs on my light to ATI Blue Plus and Blue special. All of my algae is now producing all of these oxygen bubbles. Is this the start to coralline? I think it is golden brown (Chrysophyta) and I don't see any pink corallines. I bought an established tank and have had it since October. Is the oxygen production by the algaes good for the reef. It is like microbubbles but all over my rocks. I have a phosphate reactor, carbon reactor and a Vertex skimmer. I dose weekly with Kents bi-ionic calcium Thanks



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No, not the start of coralline. Do you use ro/di water? How long are you running your lights per day? 8-9 hours should be plenty.


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Too much light, high nutrients/phosphates, maybe silica. Water changes, increase skimming, test for phosphates. No tap water, too high in phosphates. Top off with RO/DI.


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You did just change your bulbs. What were the old bulbs you had on there? Were they the same you just put new ones?

If they are different from what you were using that is why you are having this algae bloom. I can pretty much guarantee that everytime you switch bulbs or types of light you will have an algae bloom. It will go away over time if you keep food husbandry.


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I'm having the same issue. When people say to run the lights 8-9 hours I need to get some clarification. My actinics kick on at 12 until 1:00. Then the MH kicks on until 10pm, then lights off and actinics until 11. So basically it's 12 hours but I didn't know if I should only be concerned with the MH bulb being on because of the actinics giving off less wattage.

Is this correct or should I move everything back?