Difference between zoa and paly?


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Ok so this is a noob question but I am just starting to get into these little guys and they are addicting as all get out. But what are the distinguishing features of a zoa and a paly? Don't want to sound like an idiot when I am around the more knowledgeable. Did a google search and didnt really find anything that stated there differences. Thanks

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The presence of substrate (sand and others) in the polyp would be the visual and easier way to know the evidence for Palythoa spp.

Some say the size of the polyps is crucial to determinate the difference between Zoanthus spp. and Palythoa spp., but there is not much truth in that statement.




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in this picture the pinks are palys. IME I use the mouth to differentiate between the 2. a pallythoa ussualy has a more defined mouth, and as stated above they are ussaly larger


this is JUST a thought, but i have heard, that palys will exhibit a feeding behavior, and zoas do not... i dont know, but i dont feed any of mine, but i have seen the what i know to be paly species, close up on food that lands on them, and the so called zoas, do not...

jus a thought, nothing concrete... GL with your search...