Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Question


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Is there a temperature adjustment on the Reefkeeper Elite? I got the below probe and it works great but is about a degree off. I am hoping there is some way to calibrate the temperature probe.

Also does anyone know what the temp connector plug type is called? I cut my old DA probe connector off and spliced it to this one but I'd like to get a couple new connectors for the probes.



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Yes. Menu, down to Module, RKL, Itemp, Calibrate, then set your temperature, Enter, Enter (will return you to "calibrate" when it's done).


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Thank you! I went right through that section and for some reason didn't see it. I set it for what the tank is actually at and once it increases a few degrees, I'll set it again.

This is Reefkeeper Elite - It is a Molex 0436450200 connector.