Disease Help!


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A few days ago I had a small Pocillopora colony bleach and die. The colony came from knowwhere about 1 year ago - I didn't knowingly add it to the tank, it just started growing. It took about 24 hours for the bleaching to cover the entire specimen. Immediately after bleaching, there was a thin, transparent-brown, bubble-like film that covered parts of the skeleton. At the same time, my otherwise very healthy and growing Sinularia closed its polyps and has yet to reopen them. I noticed a thin brownish "fuzz" on almost all the branches. A few of the branches seem to have bleached, and some have fallen/broken-off. Any ideas on what this is? Are they related or just coincidental? I have never had a disease outbreak or lost a coral to an obvious disease in the 3 years the tank has been running. I have not changed anything in the tank anytime recently. And obviously, I am not a coral disease expert. Thanks in advance for any input...


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It might be a form of Brown Jelly. Do a search and compare pics. I had brown jelly one time that wiped out a big torch coral within a couple days. If I recall, a lugos dip might help that. Good luck and keep us posted.