disinfect tank after marine ich


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i want to disinfect my quarantine tank from ich
no fish at the moment and no substrate only few rocks and back wall decoration.
how can i do that without using chemicals
if i run my system with fresh water only will that do the trick ? and how many days will be needed for killing ich gor sure?
will it be bette to dry the system ? and if so for how long
i dont want to use bleech and such



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When I did the TTM with two tanks, just cleaned off with fresh water and let it dry for over 24 hours.


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yes 24 hours dry suppose for sterilization. could run with fresh for few days after if wanted to.
rocks is kinda a different thing. completly dry for 24 hours yes, but that's tough to determine. i let mine sit out for about 6 days then running in fresh for over a week.

let them sit as long as you can then run them in fresh.


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ok sound good
ill remove the rocks and dry the tank for a week
then i will return the rocks back and run the tank with fresh water for another week
then start cycle
hope it will work


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Letting the tank and all equipment fully dry is sufficient. Not sure why you'd want to have rock in a QT tank though?