DIY Acrylic Tank Help


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Well I built my last one with no problem. I am planning an upgrade here and want to make a 40x30x15( tall ).

Could I still use 3/8's acrylic with a euro-brace? I think it should be fine with the brace and it being shallow.

Let me know what you think!



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I would perfer 1/2" min. That's still a big tank 80gal...there is a lot of factors besides heigth....3/8th will work but most likely bow....go for the 1/2"...;)


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1/2" walls and a 3/8th top and bottom are ok but the euro brace is gonna take the biggest hit....being that its already a small surface area and now your cutting the thickness down....its for sure gonna hold water with out a doubt...but bowing or deflection comes into play....I would use 1/2" all the way around.....but that's me.....with 1/2" material you have a lot of benefits
#1 your new to acrylic!!!! So this gives you more surface area for gluing/welding which =stronger joints...
#2 its not gonna bow down the road or cause problems for ya....
#3 looks...its gonna look a lot nicer in the fashion of not bowing.....and thick acrylic looks cool....:)


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If you are "sandwiching" the sides between the top and bottom, the gluing surface area won't change at all, it will be the same as if you used 1/2" or even 2" for the top and bottom, still 1/2" material being glued down.

I do agree though, using thicker material helps me sleep better at night :)

Personally, I'd use all 1/2" and a 3" eurobrace all around, yielding one top opening measuring 34 x 24".