DIY Bio Pellet reactor


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$12 pond pump from Harbor Freight says 200gph, Scrap juice bottle and done!
Drilled hole in cap to fit pump and multiple small holes for water to flow out. Tumbling very well. Only issue is occasionally when I've stopped the pump a pellet gets stuck in the impeller but I was able to just turn it over to dislodge it.



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I don't use biopellets but I was under the impression that as they get used up, they get smaller.
Eventually won't they be small enough to come out of the holes you drilled?


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If I was you I'll be careful with that pump. Make sure it has the ceramic a haft that is said on the box I have look at some of their pump for a ato and notice that it's has a metal shaft not a ceramic. Just an FYI.


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He's right - Pond pumps are usually designed for fresh water. Salt water will eat through that pump very quickly.