DIY Coral/Fish food


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Hey guys, I've been thinking recently about trying to create my own fish food blender-style and freeze it for the future... I talked with one person about it and they warned against it due to the uncertainty of pollutants/danger to tank stability... can anyone relieve me of those fears? Thoughts?



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i would encourage it!! what better way to know for sure what goes in your food? i just made a batch this weekend.
2/3lbs of shrimp(frozen)
5 fresh clams(not frozen)
5 fresh oysters (not frozen)
1/2lb fresh mussels(not frozen)
a block of frozen krill and block of frozen mysis i had around.
broccoli, carrots, nori, fresh garlic and a splash of rodi water
the veggies are for the tangs and what not. the garlic is used to help immune systems, i heard it can help fight ick but not for sure
i then blended it all up, the only thing id do different is not blend mine so fine, id like it a bit chunkier if i could