DIY everything ! :)


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Hi All,

I recently ot my hands on an old 200g tank which I got as a present from a friend who kept it in his basement full with water for more tha 5 years, changing the water frequently so as the silicon welding does not dry. After a lot of cleaning on the tank (no detergent will be used just hot preassure water and scraping) I want to use it to make my first reef. I have been involved into fish keeping before, with live plants but nothing of this scale and of course never before a reef tank.

As far as the reef establishment is concerned I have read a lot on the net and books and I pretty much know how to go forward. My question is how to take advantage of te large overflow side that this tank has so as to make a filter without having to buy a ready made or custom filter. A carricature of the tank can be seen in the picture.



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Why not just have the overflow drain into a sump and have a pump return the water to the display?

I'm not sure what you mean by "without having to buy a ready made or custom filter". What custom filters are you referring to?