DIY hang on the back SHELF


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I recently went back to MH from LED. Though heat right now is not an issue, it will be in a few months. I made this quick shelf for a fan but will work for other things.

I used:
2 pieces of 3/16" clear acrylic 1.75" x 8"
1 piece for the shelf 6" x 8"

Of course this could work with all sorts of sizes but just thought I throw the easy design out there in case someone is interested.

A large hole saw and a saw were used to make the clamp part but again there's a lot of ways to achieve this.

Note: In the second picture there is a small piece of rubber to act as a shim (see arrow) due to the shelf slopping downwards.

I got the idea from a shelf that is sold for an air pump.


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