DIY Kalk reactor, questions


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I'm going to try to build a DIY Kalk reactor and I understand all the basic steps.

My problem is with the "continous flow of fresh water".

I have a RO/DI unit but I do not have a water source close enough to my tank to install an auto-topoff to the tank. So I can't hook my RO/DI unit up close enough to provide a "continous flow of fresh water". Right now, I just manually add about 3g of fresh water a night to compensate for evaporation.

I'm thinking if I got a large trash can and fed the 5g bucket (DIY Kalk reactor) from the trash can then the bucket would have a "continous flow" with a variable amount in the trash can. Then I can top off the trash can as needed. But how can I provide the flow to the bucket?

Any ideas or opinions are greatly appreciated.


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I use a dosing pump hooked to a 7 gallon topoff bin that I have to push fresh water through my Kalk stirrer.
The top off bin line is T-ed off so that if I don't push enough Kalkwasser based on my Kalk demand a float will still top off the sump with enough fresh water to maintain a constant level.