DIY LED As Seen on ebay, What's it Worth?


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I saw this LED kit on ebay and it seems kind of expensive. I wouldn't even know where to start so I was wondering if anyone here who's familiar with this stuff would take a wag at how much the materials might cost. Just a guesstimate in case I wanted to make an offer. Oh, and I guess, whether it would be worth having and keep a RBTA alive.

What you will get!

20 leds(10 white and 10 blue) mounted on easy mount 1/8" aluminum heat sinks
Thermal tape to easily mount these in your stock hood
2xDimmable Ballast/Driver
We have carefully chosen our led spectrums to maximize photosynthesis in corals at the 400-500nm spectrum. We mix our blue leds with a 440-460nm Super Blue and a 460-475nm Blue. This mix insures you are targeting a larger photosynthetic spectrum which corals need! We also use a warm white bulb which targets a broader range of photosynthetic spectrums! These bridgelux 3w bulbs are welded to starboards to help dissipate heat. The wires are premeasured and soldered onto the leds so all you need to do is remove the old lighting and mount the new led strips onto the existing reflectors. (Soldering experience is a bonus if one of the solder connections comes loose while wiring). I test all the connections, but sometimes things happen and they can pull loose.

These have been tested for hours on the current aluminum housings in these tanks! These will also still allow you to use your stock fans and stock night lighting!

These lights do not replace your hood, but mount in your hood. This allows you to keep a clean stock look to the tank.
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Could you keep a RBTA alive? Sure, I have a 1 foot wide rock of RBTAs (a dozen+) that are doing nicely under a 9 LED cluster of whites and blues (1050mA on whites, 700mA on royals).

That said it does seem awfully pricy for what it is, which is a big fat unknown as far as parts are concerned.


Heat sinks appear to be 1/8" alum bar/flat stock that gets screwed to the existing BC reflector. For about $80 more I bought a kit from Rapidled and got a real heatsink, all the hardware, 28 solderless leds (includes 4 extras), dimmer pots, Meanwell controllable drivers, wires, new larger fans and more.