DIY led strip lights for reef?


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Not sure if im allowed to post links but its for refference/
In the 2nd video he shows he was able to grow some soft corals and lps corals using only about 3200k? but in his build video used 10,000k.
my question is, is it possible to maintain and grow soft / lps corals using a 10,000k led strip and maybe actinic / uv led strip? with that diy project would cost less than $50usd while prebuilt fixtures only hit 7000k and about 90 to 110 par "@ 12" in the air"
why does par in the air matter, dont you need to know par inside the tank at various levels. im new to saltwater but learning and if anyone has pointers thatd be much appreciated. from some research general softies and lps will do ok at 100-200 par?

i planned on getting either of these for a 55gal tank:

The 10000k is the prefferred kelvin range im looking for at 110par but is only 36inches not the full 4ft while the 4ft one is only 6500k and 104 par? which of the 3 should i choose for softies and lps corals. A:diy 10,000k led strip B: 36 inch 10,000k C:4ft 6500k? thank you for taking your time to read this and sorry if i violated any posting terms.


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10000 k or even 13000 for stony. Plus depth enough to shelter soft coral. You can zone your tank, to put the stonies atop and the softies down low or into ends where the LED doesn't reach. I can't help you on the DIY part (there's a forum down the list that could help, and you don't have to be an expert to be in there. All forums are open to you.) Metal Halides are great for stony coras, combined with actinic bulbs for balance---except they burn 'down' about every 8 months and keeping them literally up to par is spendy. But you can often pick them up for a song, and spread out your pricey bulb-buying. The LEDs are finicky because they have so many adjustments and variations. But their ability to do twilight and daylight is excellent.

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