DIY lighting guys- Beware of using wood


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I finally got around to building an aluminum rack to hold my current temporary lighting as well as my future Lumen Brights. When I disassembled the original light, I found the wood totally burnt to the point of 2/3 of the way through the board. This was behind the reflector directly under the bulb. These are just 250W MH lights.

Friends, this was a serious fire hazard. My loved ones are very forgiving of me and my salt habit, but I could not imaging burning the house down from it.

If you have to use wood, then purchase fire rated stuff. I would suggest for those on a tight budget and can not afford an more expensive method, then try using metal wall studs, but try to refrain from using wood behind the reflectors.

Pic to come when I get home.


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So... My reflectors are attached to a 1 by 6 with wood screws and resting on my open canopy. Is this what you are talking about


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We took 3/4" nuts and put that inbetween the reflector and the wood creating an air barrier. Works for me!


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Mine was on Cabinet grade plywood.