DIY moonlights


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That would be a ton of light. I experimented with moonlights a while back and one LED was bright enough for me to see clearly around my 75.

For what it is worth I got an automatic blueish colored night lite from home depot, soldered on a longer wire to the LED and used that. Worked great.


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^ what he said. i got a cople blue LED's from radio shack .solder and extend the wires. get a cell phone charger(and put some resistors depending on the voltage) or something like that to power them. glue them or something and BAM! you're done 2 LED's is enough for me


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well i actually found one that is 12 instead of 24 on the site, and i was thinking of putting it in the back to possibly grow some cheato in the back if its enought and then the glow will probably go over but it won't be as powerful. so that might work,


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those are pretty cool....are they water resistant as well as waterproof? meaning that be nice if they are submersible