DIY Peanuts & Concrete Rock


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Ok here is my proof of concept rocks
Nothing pretty just a blob

First the supplies

Peanuts and the concrete = mush

I sprayed the peanut with shellac 5 or 6 times drying in-between each coat
They will start to clump together if you spray them too much
You need the bow or you will be chasing the peanut all over the yard

the blob / rock is soaking in a bucket of water , it took about 2 hrs before the peanuts started to dissolve



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Curious to see where this ends up. I thought about the dissolving peanuts before, but suspected they would be gone by the time the cement began to setup and caved in.


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Well after 24 hrs soaking in water
90% of all the peanuts on the out side had dissolved
What was left was a white mush, corn starch
Any of the peanuts the come in contact will water welt away

The next step would be to pour layers of concrete in a sand bucket
Concrete, peanuts, concrete, peanuts and so on





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I always liked the idea of using the peanuts in the rock to make cavities in the rock. I’m not familiar with Shellac (never used it) but found some info at this link that says it’s totally safe:

I’d bet that if these shellac treated peanuts were “mixed” with a typical recipe for DIY rock it would make some great rock. I’ve heard of using dissolving peanuts before just not the use of shellac â€"œ good idea!


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just go with rock salt used for making ice cream. i made almost all of my rock that way with portland cement, aaragonite sand, crushed coral, and rock salt. worked like a champ. nice and porous and gets you any shape you could want.