DIY plumbing 1st timer Q


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Hi guys. This may sound pretty stupid.

I'm going to try hard plumb my Reefer 170 just to try it out before I upgrade to 350 next year.

Going to plumb Return pump into manifold which would supply Chiller, Carbon Reactor, Refugium and extra ball valve in case I want to add a GFO/Bio Pellet.

I'm planning to use 3/4" piping...

2 Questions:
3/4" piping is the inner diameter right?
How do I buy the other parts? ...just ask for 3/4" fitting?

sch80 or coloured sch40 3/4" piping will just slot into 3/4" ball valves, tees, 45deg fitting??

I ask because I'm planning to online order it and not go physically see and purchase them...


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The size is the "nominal" size and what you order by.. sch40 3/4" is .824 ID and sch80 is .742 but the "OD" between both is the same 1.050" so the fittings will fit on either.

and yes you just say "hey dude.. give me 3 of those 3/4" elbows, and 6 of those 3/4" unions and a cheeseburger stat!!"