DIY sump survey/question.

Jackie Blue90

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Do you prefer threaded pvc that attaches to a double threaded bulkhead?
My 125 acquired a leak in my overflow so i decided to re-seal the whole tank and come to find out my bulkhead was leaking as well. The previous owner glued the pvc inside my overflows to the bulkhead and my LFS had to cut the bulkheads and some of the pvc off and I have been reading different opinions on the subject whether or not to use the double threaded bulkheads because they can leak.


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Threaded yes, You shouldnt have to use silicone around the bulkhead if installed properly. People have used it yes, But the bulkheads are designed with the gasket to make a proper leak free seal.


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The bulkhead should not leak with just the gasket and a snug fit, the threaded fittings above and below that however are a different story. The teflon tape is a royal PITA to get to not leak. The sealant paste is better. You can't have threads below it because you have to cut it out if you need to remove it, as you have found out. But I have been there where you are swearing like a sailor trying to get the threads tight enough not to leak but not too tight as to split the bulkhead. The thought of all slip fittings is very attractive since slip fittings will not leak 99.99% of the time.


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I use slip fittings on the bulkheads that lead to a union for ease of removal. DON'T put silicone on/around the bulkhead. If there is an issue with the bulkhead (it's leaking) either tighten it or get a new one. Silicone is a quick fix that won't save time/money in the long run.