DIYReef going out of business sale

Helter Skilter

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Everything in the store has to go.Most items at or below cost.
Just some of the deals-
MH and T5HO bulbs at 30% off or more UVL brand just 15$ each
IceCap Pre-wired Retros at 35% off
Geo Calcium Reactors at 25% off
Reef Fanatic Controllers, Regulators, Monitors, accessories at 40-50% off
Aquactinics Fixtures at 25% off
Aquactinics, IceCap and Tek T5HO reflectors at 50% off
Koralia Controllable pumps at 50% off
LumenMax 2&3 Metal Halide Pendants 40% off
Lumen Bright 3 DE HQI Pendants 40% off
Digital Aquatics products at 20-30% off
IceCap 430 ballasts 30% off


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I didn't see any killer deals, but now they look like they're gone, message on the website says they are permanently closed