do any companies sell standard fish tanks in different heights?


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I'd like to find a stand for a 40 breeder that is about 10-12" higher than the standard sizes i'm seefing at the lfs. the breeder is such a short tank i'd like it a bit higher so i don't have to stoop while standing to check it out. Am i gonna have to make it? TIA
Yep, they can customize your tank, pretty cool people, u could call them at 446-8877. They got alot of tanks, u might aslo find a one of theirs on ebay
My Glass Cages 70 gallon tank is 36 X 18 X 25.


It's the same size as the Oceanic 70 Show tank.

If you go to GC they can do custom overflows, extra hole(s) for a closed loop, low iron glass or what ever you want.

They have stands and canopies too!
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