Do I Have Enough Light?


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Im designing the lighitng scheme for my 90 RR and I know I want ot keep clams. I was thinking of 175w 14k MH x2 + 220w of VHO Actinic. My 90 is standard dimensions, so its a 24 depth. Would that give me enough light? Or should I shoot for 250w 14k MH x2 with no VHO?


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I would go for the 250w M.H., espescially if you want croceas and since your tank is fairly deep. Also, since croceas are shallow water clams, they don't need blue light, so 65k or 10k M.H. bulbs would be better.


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Whatever Kelvin you go with, I would go with the 250. Then you don't have to worry about where you put your clams. Where I shop it is only $10 more for a 250 retro.