Do I have too much light?


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I have just recently upgraded my lighting on my tank and I am questioning that it might be too much. I have a 125 gallon AGA R/R tank that had 8 x 96 watt Power Compact lights on it and now I have 6 x 80 watt T5 light's on it. The bulb configuration I am currently running is 4 x Actinic+, and 2 x GE 6500k bulbs. I mostly have Zoa's, Mushroom's, Anemone's, and a few LPS corals in the tank and I am worried that the light might be too much for the some of the corals. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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the Kelvin ratio is the same? softies like lower light such as the bottom of the tank. the anemone will move if not happy. though most people say they like better light, mine stays closer to the actinics. IMO you should be fine. REEF-ON!!!


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Have you seen any signs of to much light? Most Zoa's do great under as much as 250w MH's. With an Anemone the more light the better and if it doesnt like its spot it can move on its own so no need to worry there. Most LPS corals do fine under intense light. Mushrooms could be a problem but I wouldnt move anything unless you see signs becuase 6 T-5's doesnt seem like to much light to me especialy if 4 bulbs are Actinic.