Do I need a Calcim Reactor?


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I have a mix tank. Zoos, Toadstool, Leathers, few LPS, and few frags of SPS. I'm going towards SPS... I have a DIY kalkreator for topoff that also keeps my calcium at 430-450 range. Should I get a calcium reactor now or should I not? If I do need it, can I get a complete set of calcium reactor for under $400 bucks? Is there such a thing for under $400 bucks?

old salty

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If your limewater topoff keeps your calcium and alkalinity levels where you want them, then you wouldn't need a reactor. When saturated limewater becomes insufficient, they come in really handy.

Check the used equipment forums and your local reef clubs. You may be able to grab an entire setup including regulator and tank for $400 or less.


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I got my Korallin C1502 w/ regulator and tank for $150 and it wasless than a year old with the original instructions.