Do I need chemicals?


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I have a 29g biocube for almost 3 months with 23 pounds of LR and three fish.I would like to make it a reef tank. Do I need chemicals? If so... which ones?


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cardinal rule of dosing chemicals is not to dose anything you can't also test for.
in your shoes, my first move would be to get a set of good tests and check levels of nitrate, phosphate, calcium, and alkalinity. post your results when you get them and folks will be able to help you with any adjustments you might need to make.


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Well,first things first.
You need test kits for Calcium,alkaline and Magnesium.
Then I would say those are the big 3 to be concerned about.
What type of corals are you planning on,stoney(SPS),leathers,softies?Lighting os also pretty important,depending on what corals you decide on.


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you wont need chemicals at the moment, and as mentioned by the guys you need to test params first, otherwise how will you know if you need to dose, i personally dose kalk and baking soda, but i test my params


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if you do weekly 25% water changes, Alk, Ca, & Mg are your three main concerns, everythng else is supplied in a good salt mix, but these 3 are consumed more than others.

if you keep Mg @ 3X's your Ca level, it wil help keep all 3 parameters more stable, plus Mg increases coraline growth...