Do I need to buy live sand for new, or can I just get it from the old tank and mix?

John Hartford

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I am in the process of getting a larger 210 tank. So I will be scooping the live sand from the 125 and will put it into the 210. I will still be short some sand, so I don't think that I need to buy more live sand, so what type of sand should I get and where can I get online? The sand that I purchased for my 125 gallon was the Arag-Alive Caribean Pink sand. I am not sure of the size of the sand grains, but they are not real fine, they are a little large.


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you have the right idea...yes you can seed the new tank with just a few handfulls of your old sand so just get regular substrate and the old sand will seed it.


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When I transfered everything from my 20 to my 55 I just added 50# of dry play sand I got at home depot. My tank went through a mini cycle but after 2-3 weeks it was good as new. Now a few months later I have 75# of live sand. If you can spend the money then buy live sand. Your existing live sand will seed dry sand just fine


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I'm doing the same thing. I got a used tank that has some sugar fine sand but since I need a large DSB I am going to add some more of the same.


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it all depends on time and money. Live sand will cost more and take less time. Seeding a tank will work fine if you're patient and don't mind a bit of time passing before the bacteria colonies grow and establish themselves.