Do I need to worry about this ??


This is a very new 60 gal breeder tank (3 mos. total). I started it with dry Marcos rock and Aragalive CaribSea sand and Dr. Tim's.
the lights are some cheap led's that came with the used tank. My almost pure white Marcos rock is now showing this green all along the top side of it.
All water parameters are great. The only livestock in the tank is 2 clowns, 4 Trocus snails, 4 astrea snails, 1 tiger conch, 4 Nassarius snails and 6 hermits(mix of red and blue leg). I do have a Coral Beauty and a Scopus Tang in QT right now but they don't come out for another 28 days.

Do I need to worry about this? Lights on too long?

Thanks for any advice !


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