do i really need refugium for FO tank?


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i got 180g and i just want to have fo so right now i have
wet and dry fileter
tunze9010 skimer
magnum 350 clear filter
18 w uv sterilizer
150lb live rock
120lb live sand
do i reallly need a refugium ?? i never want to have any coral infuture or mayby just some mushroom and zoo or something ez like thank
thank for every input thanks


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you don't absolutely NEED it but it can be very beneficial. If you were to add a fuge you would be cutting downon nitrates drastically but it is not really an absolute must have. it us up to your personal opinion if you wanted to add one.


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Yeah you dont HAVE to but its really worth it in the long run. Cyts down on the amount of water changes you have to do too. I used to do weekly water changes to keep the nitrates below 30 in my FOWLR but since adding a nice big refugium, Im doing one every three weeks to a month and nitrates stay really low. Lower nitrates equal healthy fish.


That's not a salmon
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I second that - refugia for nutrient export are a major part of my filtration system on most of my tanks.