Do people have big colonies of High End Corals like Red Hornets, Pokerstar Montipora,

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I was just wondering if anybody had Large Colonies of any High End Designer Corals?

I only ever see small frags so I am assuming that people Frag them up right away to sell them for profit and do not grow them out into big nice show colonies?

Is this true or am I wrong.

I just never see anything bigger than a Frag of say

Red Hornet Zoanthids
Pokerstar Montipora
Any Hot Chalice (All the Frags are very small and they go for upwards of 1,000 dollars).

that Fish Guy

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Anybody have any pics of designer colonies?

I would love to see them since I only ever see tiny frags of them in person.


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I love big colonies too, and am tired of seeing booger sized chalices in every pic. I don't think I've ever seen a My Miami chalice that has more than 5 eyes. My chalices aren't huge names, but I do have a Mango Sherbet that is as big as a dinner plate, and a Miami Hurricane that ran out of room, was growing up the glass. I'm the exemption, I don't really frag that much.


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Lot's of people maintain large colonies...rare ones included. You just need to filter through all the newby threads with pictures of tanks littered with frag plugs and 1" LE's..

Dexters Reef

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I have some large "named" zoanthid colonies...a few are over 6" and have hundreds of polyps that literally blanket every free spot of the LR.

whammin watermelon (100+)
eagle eyes (100+)
fire and ice (around 75)
green ninja stars (75+)
radioactive dragon eyes (100+)
armor of gods (50+)

All shown in this video I made a few days ago, make sure to bump up the quality to HD =)


I have a couple 5" chalice.
And a 10" rock covered in designer zoos, but I have been fragging it out to pay for my new tank.
A couple of my softball sized LE sps pieces were broken in the move a couple months ago. Which sucks.


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Red hornets and pokerstar monti sounds like commons in Cali.