Do people still use VHO for SPS?


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I used to. These days with all of the M.H. bulb, ballast and reflector options. Not to mention the success people are seeing with T-5s. Why would you ever want to look back at VHOs? Except for the URI Super Actincs as supplement lighting, I will not use them anymore.


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I agree with FoothillCorals... I only use them for supplemental lighting.. and in the process of changing over to T5.. but i do know some people who still use nothin but VHO's..


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I used to use them exclusively--they worked for what they were. However, the benefits and intensity of T5s are far superior and are simply a much better option nowadays.


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I have no usccessful using T5 in my tank. I'm currently using 6x39W Sunlight Supply Tek Light High but I got a bad luck on SPS corals. All browned out in my tank.