Do starfire scratch as easily as acrylic?


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I am trying to decided to go with either starfire or acrylic custom tank. The price difference is a lot so I am trying to figure out if it's worth it. I have heard that starfire (since it's low iron) scratch almost as easily as acrylic, is that true? If so, are there any advantage at all going with starfire instead of acrylic?


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That is incorrect, starphire is about 10x more scratch resistant than acrylic from what I've read.


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i disagree you can scratch starphire with your fingernail . yes better than acrylic but still will scratch


WHAT???? *lol* Scratch it with your fingernail? *lol* wow wolverine.... I do not think you have starphire on your tank if you are scratching it with a fingernail....

From personal experience, it is as resilient to scratching as glass since it is glass, just a low iron variant. Or at least, very close to glass scratch resistant wise. I have never scratched mine personally & I have accidentally drug sand across it with my magfloat. Enough sand that it would have destroyed acrylic with massive scratches.


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I agree with Garage1217.

I scratched my acrylic tank many times and now have starfire on the front of my inwall tank. It performs like glass, not acrylic.


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I've had two tanks with starphire glass including my current 300. My previous tank I kept for over 3 years. I scratched it one time the day I filled it up. That was done leaning over the side with 170LB guy grinding a belt buckle into the top edge. Even with that it was just one very small scratch. I've owned one Acrylic tank and before it was 6 months old it had several faint scratches in it.. Bothered me so bad I took it down and swore never to use a Acrylic tank for any kind of display.. Thats been about six years ago and I've yet to own another. Works great for sumps and frag tanks.. Displays not so much. You can't even compare Starphire to Acrylic when it comes to scratch resistance. Now does Starphire scratch easier then standard glass? Maybe, I don't really know. If it does its not noticeable more. To me it acts and feels exactly like standard glass. The only difference is it doesn't have a green hue. Its very clear. If you look at its edge it has more of a light blue hue.

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I have had both types - acrylic and starphire. I swore I would never own acrylic again -- scratches too easily, and I am very careful. I have never scratched my starphire.


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i have had a starphire for a year now and scrape it regularly with a razor. No scratches whatsoever. Acrylic sucks, except for sumps.


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Acrylic is lighter, clearer, stronger, easily drilled and a better insulater than glass. It's only drawback is that it scratches easier and some designs will bow a little. You can remove scratches with a scratch kit and alot of elbow grease or more CAREFULLY with a dremel. There is no perfect material for the Homer Simpsons of the world and those transitioning from glass to acrylic sometimes don't change their habits and experience predictable results. Be careful people. It's not hard. To pass up a superior material because of one weakness is not logical, But use whatever material your best suited for.


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Scratches in a tank give it more detail!

It's the best part about owning an acrylic tank!

I always wanted a Starphire tank, but the price for it... As much as I like it, I still don't like the fact it is naturally tinted. And is not as CLEAR KRYSTAL WHITE like acrylic. Acrylic also magnifies your image by 5-10%

If only I had the money for Starphire I'd get a huge cube!


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IMO a clear box thats main use is to look inside of it A material that scratches very easy infact makes it a poor material.. Acrylic tanks also end up with nothing much more then port holes in the top bracing for access VS Glass tanks with very small Eurobracing or even Rimless. Neither of which you can do with Acrylic. Acrylic is Very clear Before its scratched up though :)


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Magnification? I never noticed that before except in the rounded corners. Yeah now if the fish or inverts scratched the acrylic then I would not use it. As long as I am the only one to blame then I can master myself. Somehow that doesn't sound right. Time for another cold one.


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Apparently you havent watched the Simpsons. Homer always wins :)

I'm not going to get into a glass vs. acrylic war of words lol. I have both, and the acrylic is a major pita. I don't know how you acrylic guys do it. The magnets all scratch, and I'd need to be armpit deep to clean a 180 with a credit card weekly - and even then it scratches.


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How does Carlos Mencia say DER TER DER. Dudes don't use magnets on acrylic. Cards either. Only soft sponge with long handles if needed. Now I know how they are being scratched. Where can I buy Duff beer. That's the only one I haven't tried yet.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14204450#post14204450 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by hairyman1
How does Carlos Mencia say DER TER DER.

It's Dee Dee Dee !!! :lolspin:

I just bought an acrylic tank maybe it won't be that bad. You guys have me worried now.


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Uh. You guys talk about starphire like it is not glass. It is. Just glass. Same as the "old" glass, just less green due to a more pure recipe.


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I have two acrylic tanks. Both are scratched to hell. One i have taken down and polished twice by hand.

If you say only use sponges then you have never had coralin on your sides. that stuff will not come off with a pad unless you rub it for about 10 minutes. And the second you get a card or plastic scraper, BAM scratches.

Yes its clearer, stronger and better insulator but you know what, ill take the hit and get glass. I will NEVER own an acrylic tank again EVER.

Unless you need a thickness of 1.5" or more screw acrylic.

My new 300 is on order in full starphire, HORAY no more plastic tank.