do you glue your liverock together?


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Do you glue your liverock and if so what kind of glue will hold my live rock the best, and what will i be able to apply underwater,


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You do not have to. Alot of people just stack it really well. Also another route is to drill holes and instert PVC into them to give the rock more stability. There are 2 part epoxys out there but they all suck!


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I don't glue my LR, though I do sometimes glue coral frags on to it. I'd try to get some branching/porous LR with interesting shapes and some larger holes (round rocks are hard to work with) in various sizes. Start with larger pieces on the bottom, then try to find pieces that fit nicely between/on top of them. Once you have a few that lock together like puzzle pieces, build from there.

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I've changed the aquascaping over half a dozen times, so I'm quite thankful that I haven't glued it together. I'll probably change it around soon enough.


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I didn't glue mine. Just take some time to stack it. Besides I have had to pull rocks out anyways so I'm glad I didn't glue it.