Do you guys dip your new just cured live rock to rid it of pests


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Hi guys,

Haven't posted here for a while but wanted to get some input on this. I have a 40 gal I set up a couple years ago that's doing fine so I have a bit of reef experience. I set that 40 up with cured live rock from my local store.

I just set up a 90 reef ready tank with a sump and decided to cure the rock myself. I started curing the rock 2 weeks ago today and today when I got home from work my nitrite is all good and testing 0.

So here's my question.
So now that I'm ready to put the rock in this prestine new tank. Should I do what I read on Live aquaria?

Here's what it says.

Helpful Tips for Controlling Unwanted Pests:
Submerse the new rock into a bucket filled with saltwater with a specific gravity of 1.035 to 1.040 for one minute. Any invertebrates including mantis shrimp, bristle worms, and crabs will quickly evacuate from the rock and into the bucket of water.

Remove the live rock from the bucket and sort through the invertebrates in the bucket. Determine those you want to add to your system and discard unwanted pests. Bristle worms still attached to the rock can be removed with a pair of needle-nosed pliers or tweezers. This technique can be used to remove unwanted pests before or after curing your newly arrived live rock.