does anyone have any interceptor?


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No I don't have red bugs. I don't even have any sps anymore and have never seen red bugs lol.

I've read some threads about people losing acans and challice for no apparent reason and they tried interceptor and it worked.
One person thinks they found small black specks that could be some kind of pest.

I recently lost 1 acan frag that was doing well and had babies and all of a sudden it receded for no apparent reason and died.
I think possibly somethings picking on them. I did see my blue tang bite at one the other day but have been watching it closely.

Anyway I just wanted some interceptor a small amount for a dip just in case. Not sure how I'd measure it though for a dip.
I do also have a challice that I got from Gooch years ago and it's fine but like I said just in case.
I also have pep shrimps in there but look at night and never saw them on my acans but am gonna try to catch them just in case.

I asked my vet but they don't carry interceptor. I really just wanted like 1 pill.

I did already dip mine in seachem coral dip also.

Heres some of the threads. Very interesting (and scary) for us acan, micro, ad challice keepers.

The first one is for acans and micros to and mentions the interceptor.



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kass i have read through those threads as well but i think much of what some of them are saying is anecdotal speculation at best. if you read through some of them many are describing different probs and a lot of the people jumping the bandwagon seem to be of the more money then husbandry variety hobbiest. my one and only acan was not doing well and i blame overlighting and some high tank temps i experienced a few months back. i hope it will recover now that i have reduced my lights and fixed my temp prob

i'm not saying that you shouldn't try interceptor if you want - just that i doubt it is a cure all for aussi acans.

this is the best response i've read it is from jendub on one of those threads:

"IMO- this issue can be attributed to:
1) Low Magnesium
2) High lighting
3) High tank temp
4) Die off within the rock of sponges/worms etc.
Keep in mind the AU lords come out of water that is relatively shallow and nearshore. The water has been described by my divers as green/brown out conditions with less than 3 feet of visibility at times. This means the light penetration is very low; they recommend a 150w MH 20k over a 4X4' tank!
Also the water in these areas gets down to 16 degrees C in winter and is much cooler than we keep our reef tanks on a day to day basis (68-72 degrees).
Any time the magnesium levels dip to/below 1300 lps react adversely, the damage may not be readily apparent until the coral has struggled for weeks and finally collapses. Once the die-off starts it almost never stops; think of this as dieing from malnutrition.
On some largers rocks or those with a lot of substrate attached under the coral (for expamle we has a basketball sized micor colony that did this) there can be boring sponge that dies in transit and taints the rock. The toxins soon seep up to the underside of the colony and die off occurs.
Whatever the parameter(s) that are out of wack or the combination of several parameters being off the cure is always the same; frag it as soon as you notice the die off. We typically apply lugol's at full strength to the dieing/white area (while out of water) and then leave the entire piece to saok in some tank water for 5-10 minutes. Next the dieing area needs to be fragged; be sure to cut a good 1/4" or so in the healthy flesh to ensure you remove all of the affected tissue. Next; reapply a new batch of dilluted lugol's to the freshly cut area and allow to saok for 5 minutes and place back into the tank.
This is the only treatment we have had luck with and if you move quickly it works 90% of the time.

Good luck!
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I have a couple of Acan frags and I have them in a 50gallon stock tank under a 400w halide so I don't know if you would consider high lighting a problem mine have been thirving under the bright lighting. Just my experience though and like I said I only have a oucple of frags.



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I cleared it Siropa sorry.

Yeah John I agree with you about really not knowing the problem and Jendub has had acans and micros for a long time but I don't think it was anything she listed.
I just wanted some for just in case so if it happens to another one I can try dipping it.